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Jet Guitars JS400 Seafoam Green

Jet Guitars JS400 Seafoam Green

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The Jet Guitars JS-400 HSS Roasted Maple is an approachable guitar with classy looks and exciting tones. Offering a raucous, punchy sounds from a bridge mounted humbucker, you can cut through a mix with searing rock leads and crunchy chords. And if that's not enough, middle and neck position single coils yield smooth, twangy clucks and honks that present you with totally different playing dynamics.

It's not just about the sounds though, because the JS-400 boasts a classy retro aesthetic. Dressed in a relic finish and loaded with chrome hardware on its basswood body, it'll keep all eyes locked on you. Together with a luscious rosewood fretboard in a modern 9.5" radius, it'll be hard to put this guitar down. And not only that, but a bone nut and tremolo bridge ensure you'll enjoy stable performances with vocal, clear string vibrations. For articulate tones, classic looks and a modern playability, the JS-400 is the ideal choice.

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